Learn About the City


Located in the southwestern corner of Jefferson County, the City of Hueytown lies approximately 15 miles from downtown Birmingham and 37 miles from the City of Tuscaloosa.  Covering approximately 27 square miles, the community of 17,000 citizens has an economy based on steel making and its related industries, along with the inclusion of white and blue collar occupations.

Running the length of Hueytown; Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive is the city’s major thoroughfare and is easily accessed from I-20/59 Exit 115.

Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive becomes Warrior River Road at the Hueytown city limits. This road leads directly to the Warrior River, a major waterway providing a means of commercial transportation delivering coal, ore, and timber, as it joins the Tombigbee Waterway on its path to  the Gulf of Mexico.  Area residents are proud of the miles of beautiful waterway available for boating, swimming, and water sports of all types.

The City of Hueytown was incorporated on May 6, 1960. Since then, city officials, past and present, have provided excellent laws and codes that offer a well-designed city for its citizens. Native Americans were the first to settle along Valley Creek, while the following prominent names helped develop and establish the area: the Huey, Waldrop, Salter, Knight, Dabbs, Parsons, Vines, Crooks, and Robertson families. The Woodward Iron Company was the first major employer, and the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company, later called United Steel Company, also provided jobs and security for many citizens. A group of famous NASCAR race car drivers from Hueytown, “The Alabama Gang,” helped create an interest in racing. In addition, Hueytown has had many devoted educators who staffed the area’s schools and encouraged students to strive for the best.

A book about Hueytown was published in 2010 which takes a more in depth look at our city’s history. You can purchase the book Images of America – Hueytown .