Updates From the Mayor

I hope this message finds everyone well and clear of this pesky virus that has shown its ugliness.  I posted the latest information I have received from the county health officials on our police department’s Facebook page and also with The Cut-Off News and the Western Star.  We need to heed the directions they are giving us to stop the spread of the virus and I trust that each of you are doing your best in that area for your families and for our city.  I know these are unknown waters we are navigating right now but as we come together as a community and trust in our Heavenly Father, I know we will be okay.
 On a lighter note, we have several things going on in our great city.  Through being financially responsible over the past three years, we were able to purchase a much needed fire truck.  The new truck arrived ahead of schedule and will be assigned to Station 3 in District 5.  This will be the first new truck ever in District 5.

 The YMCA has taken over the Council of Clubs Building behind the swimming pool.  They are putting on the finishing touches to the building and it will open soon for daycare.  There will be a soft opening in the beginning reserving places for children of medical staff of UAB and UAB West as well as first responders.  At a later date we will have an official grand opening.  The YMCA is also appropriating funds to begin renovating the swimming pool, according to Michael Talerico, with the YMCA.  I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have them in our community!

 When the weather dries up and we are into some warmer days, we will begin again on having additional roadwork done within our city.  I know it is aggravating when a new pot hole appears or the same ones keep returning, but please be patient with us and we will get them filled as quickly as possible.  We are working to implement a maintenance program so that every year we are on a schedule to keep our roads in better condition.
 Until my next blog, please, everyone be safe.  Please follow the instructions given to us by our health officials, stay at home unless you are going to the store, pharmacy or doctor.  We will get through this and be even stronger than before and hopefully a little wiser and kinder to one another.

 God bless each one of you and your families and may God bless our great city!